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Our Liquid Asphalt Terminal is well equipped to ship and receive various grades of standard and modified asphalt anywhere in Atlantic Provinces and beyond. Serving local markets and standard and modified grade asphalts.

Asphalt Cement

General Liquids Canada operates a state-of-the-art bulk storage terminal in Halifax, Nova Scotia, giving the Maritime market access to products that regional refineries do not offer. Apart from the typical PG 58-28 graded asphalt, General Liquids Canada has the capability of offering a wide range of Performance Graded, Viscosity Graded, Polymer Modified, and Custom Blended asphalts fulfilling a wide range of needs of the construction, industrial, commercial industries.

DJI 0505


  • Contractors requiring consistent and secure supply of asphalt for their own asphalt plants
  • Government agencies requiring competitive pricing of asphalt—rack pricing for indexing
  • Industrial companies requiring asphalt for their processes


  • Easy to order—simply call our friendly staff
  • Several types of neat and blended asphalts
  • Grades supplied: 58-28, 58-34, PG64-22, specialty blends for high rap mixes
  • Modified asphalts: Anti-Strip, Warm Mix Additive, Acid Modified
  • Polymer Modified (PMA): to AASHTO's previous PG system (M320) as well as the newer M332 PG system
  • Viscosity grades: Various Viscosity and Penetration grade asphalt

Safety Information

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheets for technical information pertaining to our products.

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