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Environmental demands, climate effects, traffic volume, even budget—such factors greatly influence the longevity and durability of our roadways. Thankfully, our technicians have the proven experience to assess what works and what doesn’t.

GLC's team can break down and analyze virtually every characteristic of asphalt-based materials. This includes a wide range of testing capabilities performed at our AASHTO accredited facility.

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Hot-Mix Asphalt Testing/Design

Entails the manipulation of three variables: (1) aggregate, (2) asphalt binder content, and (3) the ratio of aggregate to asphalt binder with the objective of obtaining a hot-mix that is durable, workable, and resistant to deformation, fatigue, low-temperature cracks, moisture damage, and skidding.

CB 8203

Aggregate Testing

Involves measuring and evaluating the physical characteristics of fine and coarse aggregates for asphalt and concrete mixes. Size, shape, density, and strength of mineral aggregate all impact the long-term performance of asphalt and concrete pavements and structures.

CB 7711

Asphalt Emulsion Testing

Measures for emulsion consistency, flow resistance, composition, and stability, along with complete assessment of the physical properties of asphalt residue, such as penetration, ductility, elastic recovery, and solubility.

CB 8250

Asphalt Cement (Binder)

Utilizes several devices to evaluate binder quality and performance, specifically viscous and elastic behavior, workability, low temperature stiffness, and pressure resistance (by mimicking the aging process of the asphalt cement).

Our tests utilize the most innovative equipment available today, including:

Gilson Test Master ShakerUsed to to fractionate coarse granular samples into different sizes
Gilson Rotary SifterUsed to separate fine granular samples into different size fractions
Pine Gyratory CompactorUsed for compacting hot-mix asphalt specimens to Superpave™ mix design requirements
NCAT Ignition OvensUsed to automatically determine the asphalt content of hot-mix asphalt mixtures
Marshall Pine PressUsed to determine stability and flow of HMA (hot-mix asphalt) and determine Indirect Tensile Strength for the resistance of HMA to moisture induced damage
APA Junior Analyzer (multi-functional two-wheel asphalt wheel tracker)Used to assess the rut, fatigue cracking and moisture susceptibility of hot or cold asphalt paving mixes in dry or submerged conditions.
Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR)
Used for measuring binder viscosity and elasticity in relation to temperature

Our expert technicians

Not only do we pursue excellence in developing and testing the best products for road performance, but we also seek excellence in our employees. This includes a versatile team comprised of industry experts: civil engineers, emulsion specialists, chemical engineers, and more.

CB 8078

Working with us couldn't be easier.

GLC provides exceptional services, breaking down complicated processes and providing accessible solutions for every project. Our expertise and industry knowledge allows us to help you do what you do best—on time, and on budget.

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As industry leaders in developing and testing products for road performance, we require the best people to deliver the best results. Review current job opportunities and apply to join our team on the Careers site of our parent organization, the Municipal Group of Companies, or simply email us:

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